Why it is Important to pursue what you truly desire… (Part 5 of who the hell knows)

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dying starsUniversal truth? … Maybe not.

The first thing about truths is they aren’t, and even when ‘truths’ are nearly identical in nature, that doesn’t mean they hold to same value in each person’s life.

Truths at their core are structured out of the things each one of us believe. Unless those beliefs are exactly the same as someone else the truth the create isn’t the same.

I spent years trying to cram myself into some ‘truths’ others pushed on me, or fighting to stay out of other ‘truths.

We begin having others truths forced on us from a VERY young age. Some of mine were; I was a bad boy, I was lazy, I needed to be punished before we were in public because I would be bad, I was ugly, I had to be good to earn love or affection, there are no true long term relationships, and I wasn’t wanted.

Ugh! Talk about some heavy ass beliefs to be lugging around for a person at ANY age, let alone prepubescent boy.

She is a bitch! He is an ass! You are dumb! The list of other peoples ‘truths’ being pushed on someone else is long and tired. Labeling people as one thing or another is nothing more trying to cram a truth on them from the outside.

Not only do people try to label other people, they spend a large amount of effort trying to label themselves. In both cases the labels or ‘truths’ are equally false.

Every one of us is made up of millions of cells that are replicated and modified by every second we have existed in thousands of varied environments. The trillions upon trillions of possible combinations leave just our physical make up nearly impossible to label as the same as someone elses. Layered upon that are billions of neuropath ways that exist, change, and are recreated daily.

I can’t even fathom the possible combinations possible, let alone trying to label one specific combination.

Finally, the things I believe as truths are just that … mine. No one else needs to approve, understand, agree with, or otherwise endorse my truths. Just as other people’s truths are really none of my business and they don’t need anything from me to believe them or honor them.

Understanding, that in my opinion, there is really only one truth (that being is there are no truths, just strongly held beliefs) was the second life altering paradigm shift. Once I was able to release the concept of truth I was able to begin accepting myself and accepting others.

I think the core of loving and accepting our human condition is realizing that we each are just as delightfully complex, uniquely messed up, and sublimely messy as each other; that each complex unique mess is simply beautiful, delightful, fantastic, and PERFECT! Just the way we each are. And that the only person who has the right to decide if a person should change in any way, is that person!

Either way. I am good enough to love, be love, and just be.

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