Why it is Important to pursue what you truly desire… (Part 1 of who the hell knows)

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I have a friend.

Yeah, I know that’s a bit of a surprise but to be fair…

She has low standards and expectations, so it works.

Anyway, I have this friend and a while ago we had a conversation. The conversation went something like this…

Her: “I really want to do the things you are doing.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Her: “Camping, trips, concerts, cooking, you are doing stuff I really want to do. I just don’t have anyone to do them with.”

Me: “WTF?!? I am supposed to have someone to do the things I love to do with BEFORE I do them? WHY didn’t you TELL me!?!” (Sarcasm rears its adorable little face, yet again)

Her: (insert awkward chuckle here)

Me: ” How come you let me do this shit all wrong? I didn’t know I was supposed to sit around waiting for someone to come along before I started experiencing the life I desire.”

Me: “No FRICKIN’ wonder I am such a mess!”

At this point I was able to rein in my little friend .. Sarcasm.

Me: “So what’s stopping you from doing those things?

Her: “Well I don’t have a tent. Or anyone to go with me. I am not good at cooking. I really don’t have the money for vacations. blah… blah … blah”

Really, she did have a number more ‘reasons’ that she couldn’t do the things she wanted to, but my brains recording function stopped working after the first few shit ass excuses.

I must have gotten a very bewildered expression on my face because things continued like this.

Her: “What?”

Me: “I guess I just don’t get what’s stopping you.”

Her: ” I just told you. I don’t…”

Me Interrupting: “I heard your excuses. But let me ask you a couple of things, ok?”

Me: “Who went with me to go camping outside of Berkeley?”

Her: “Dixie”

Dixie is my adorable five pounds of snuggles, wags, puppy kisses, and unconditional love.

Me: ” So last year I went to Puerto Vallarta right?”

Her: “Yeah”

Me: “Who went with me?”

Her: “No one”

Me: “Right! And when I got back I went to a three-day concert at the Amphitheater at the Gorge. Who went with me?”

Her: “Angela”

Me: “Right again… Now here is the trick question; when did I get those concert tickets?”

Her: “I don’t know.”

Me: “I got them six months before the concert. About three months before I met Angela.”

Me: ” One more question … What is in my truck always?”

Her: “Your tent, sleeping bag, Dixie’s ‘go bag’, your ‘go bag’, an empty cooler, and a small grill.”

Me (now smirking): “How do you know that?”

Her: “You go through everything at least once a month, making sure it works and is in good condition.”

Me: “Why?”

Her: “You say you never know when you will be struck by a random urge to go.”

Me: “Yup! I love to camp and hike so I make sure I can go when I want to go. Part of that includes equipment. It also includes being ready to go. Physically and mentally. I am not waiting to find someone to take me with them, I am going and along the way I find friends who are headed the same way. Together we adventure, explore, and live. When their path is different than mine we part ways … for a time. When we reconnect we both have new experiences and perspectives to share.”

It sounds all well and good … go camping when you want.

Well you see that’s really not the point at all. Profound? Not so much, so why not check out part two!

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