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Everything is Nothing

Not choosing is a choosing…

Yeah, Yeah I know …
I have heard that many times before.

It seems every time I hear that I wonder, why?

My brain almost automatically jumps into …
but WHY? mode.

How is not choosing a preference, a side, or a greater, or lesser evil choosing one?

In historical context … as an extreme example…
Which was worse?
a) Hitler
b) Mussolini
c) Hirohito

A great freedom comes to the forefront once we realize that not choosing is not only NOT a choice…
but it might just be the most freeing decision you can make.

What? How? How? That doesn’t make sense! Yeah; my brain immediately jumped that was as well…

But just let your mind wander: just for a few moments with me.
In this world of three dimensional space, two dimensional (at least, we can talk about this later) time, and omni-dimensional morality how can not choosing represent a choice?

The concept that by not selecting something you must be default select something else. Well frankly, that seems sophomoric to me.

To me the freedom to not be weighed down with yet another choice to make might just be the most freeing hing of all. I do not have to be bothered by devoting one millisecond of my brain power, one once of my effort, one minuscule part of my energy; emotional, mental, or physical on something that I don not want to.

Recognizing that I am able to choose what to invest my resources in, and that I do not have to invest my resources in the same things as my friends, family or society may just be the most empowering realization there is in this life.

Leaving the things that do not matter out of my life and out of my brain was my first step to me being able to establish and maintain clear boundaries. Once I freed myself to leave things alone that I did not want to pick up, I also freed myself to ensure I was focusing my time and energy on those things that I truly wanted in my life.

I then, was able to identify when people were becoming pushers; pushing their belief and value system towards me. This helped me free my self from the values bullies, cause bullies, and a majority of the other socially acceptable bullies.

My favorite effect of the shift in my thinking was what is becoming my favorite word. No. That word has become a larger part of my vocabulary. It flows naturally and easily from my lips. When I use it the previously felt side effects are not there, and it just stands…


It is strong enough to just be there.

No doesn’t require support any more than yes does.

Lastly, guilt seems to be fading to a mist. Recognizing that I can choose or not choose and my situation at any given moment is a reflection of those choices. Sure, if I had more knowledge or information at any given time I may have made a choice, not made a choice, or made a different choice.

I am much more content and productive because I don’t HAVE to chose.

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