Feed the Soul – The Second Post

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Rain is drumming softly… but consistently on the roof. Water is running down the gutters. The light spring breeze brings the smell of an earth washed clean of one day; preparing for the next.

I love the rain. I love the smell of wind blowing through that rain.

Maybe that is why my life always seems to bring me to places that have a lot of rain. Rain is the lifes blood of nature .. bring all that it touches to vibrant growth.

Rain seems to feed the soul of all that is pure and natural in this world.

Rain reminds me how important things are that feed the soul.

Finding things that feed ones soul is a truly delightful experience.

I spent years stumbling… numbly through life. expressing faux enjoyment in things that my peer group expected me to pleasure. Fleeting things…

Things that promised honey for them soul…

yet left only a hollow ache of an empty stomach.

That hollow ache grew to self doubt, recrimination, and flagellation. Which I took and turned into a stronger pursuit of things that were dross.


after year…

after pointless, mind-numbingly dull year…

I chased empty hollow foods for my soul.


after year…

after pointless, mind-numbingly dull year….

my soul starved!

It withered…

My soul was dying.

One day … completely by accident … I stumbled upon an activity that, when finished, left me feeling…



The activity is irrelevant. I found something that fed my soul. It wasn’t a chore (though many other consider it so), it energized me: body, mind, and soul.

At the time, for me, the concept was so alien to me my soul could have been breathing water. It didn’t react well to this new feeling and joy. In fact I shut myself off from it. I purposefully avoided doing the activity unless I was forced to it; unless I could call that joy a duty, a chore. I created ways to turn something that I delighted in and forced into manacles and chains that I wrapped around myself and locked myself tightly within.

I lived that way for a number of years. Miserable … tired … and dead.

Then one day, I am not sure how or why…

But in the midst of another set of chains I forged myself into, I rediscovered delight in an activity. My self-programming restrained by those “other” chains, could not stop this rediscovery.

So like a small seed, fed by the continual soaking of the spring rains, this food for my soul took root.

That seed grew; I began to be joyful … be energized … and return to life!

As with every aspect of being human; what we feed, what we nurture, what we tend … grows.

Over time … year after year.. I found many things that grew my soul.

Sometimes people…

others activities…

music, books, colors, places, smells, tastes, and finally things I created.

I am not sure why, but finally after years of understanding the importance of feeding my soul, I discovered I could feed my own soul.

And that my dear friends was the FIRST step.

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